The Opinion & Current Events Column
The writers of the Opinion Column will be posting their thoughts about various issues related to feminism and gender equality, for example: white feminism, mansplaining, slut shaming, body policing, and reproductive justice- just to name a few. Articles within the column will vary; there will be strictly informative pieces, updating the community of the recent goings-on in feminist/gender equality news, opinions and reactions to the said events, as well as events or experiences in the writers’ personal lives of misogyny or gender inequality.

Article Responses
The Article Response facet of Fempowerment will be geared towards supporting articles regarding the issues of gender equality and feminism- or in unfortunate cases of blatant misogyny and/or patriarchal beliefs, calling out these articles by constructing a response on Fempowerment.

As users of the Internet, we tend to see a lot of beautiful edits of celebrities. However, it is a rare occasion in which we see women such as Isabel Allende, Hillary Clinton, Louise Slaughter- only to name a few– get edits of their own. Our graphic designers will be regularly posting edits of various different fierce and inspirational women to stand beside those of equally gorgeous celebrities on the red carpet.

Another facet of Fempowerment is going to be video blogging. Vloggers on staff will be blogging regularly about various issues, thoughts, opinions, etc. relating to gender equality and feminism- reaching out to a broader audience by utilizing video blogging platforms.

Experiences & Stories
The Experiences & Stories column is different from that of the Opinion Column, as the former will be built almost completely of stories that have been submitted by the readers and followers of Fempowerment. Readers will have the option to share their dealings and experiences with misogyny, the patriarchy, and/or gender inequality by submitting through the Submit page- or anonymously do so by emailing or using the Tumblr ‘Messaging’ feature.

Woman of the Week
Each week, Fempowerment will have a different “Woman of the Week”. Women will be nominated by staffers and readers alike, and will be decided through a voting process. Fempowerment will post videos, articles, lectures, quotes, edits, photos, etc. relating to the inspirational woman throughout the week.

Sexist Ads
Here on Fempowerment, we reject the hypersexualization of women and girls in the media. Staff members and readers alike, utilizing the Submit feature, will be posting sexist advertisements, music, movies, television shows etc. in order to increase awareness and to, if possible, avoid purchasing goods from perpetrators.


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