Fempowerment is a new, online community striving for feminism and gender equality. This is a place for voices to be heard, where people can reach out to one another and work together to fight against the barriers that stand in the way of equality amongst all genders.

We will be posting current events, responses to written articles, vlogs, sexist ads, stories submitted by staff and readers alike of their own, personal experiences with gender equality- or lack thereof, and picture edits (there are tons of celebrity photo edits out there on Tumblr, but why not Isabel Allende? Hillary Clinton? Wendy Davis?).

Please respect everyone on the site. Sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, and any type of hate will not be tolerated. If there are problems or concerns, please use the Message feature to get in contact with a staff member. Fempowerment is a safe community for all.


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