Ken Cuccinelli is every Virginian Woman’s Worst Nightmare

On November 5th, Virginians will go to the polls to vote for who will be the next Virginia Governor. As a Virginian, I can tell you right now that it is crucial that Terry McAuliffe (D) is elected as governor, as it will be catastrophic for Virginians if McAuliffe’s opponent Ken Cuccinelli (R) wins.

When I originally began writing this article my biggest issue with Cuccinelli was his staunch stance on women’s reproductive rights, even to the point of opposing Plan B and most forms of contraception. As I began digging through his voting record though, I began to realize how terrible he is.

The first two bills that he voted on that caught my attention didn’t surprise me, as it’s typical for Republicans to vote that way he did on these types of bills, yet his vote was problematic and enough to make me (and hopefully you) not want to vote for him.

In 2007, Cuccinelli voted against raising the minimum wage. As I’ve briefly stated before in a previous article, everyone who works a minimum wage job is not some teenager trying to make some extra cash for spending money. These are people who have families, people who are barely making it. Single moms who are struggling to provide for their children. This is who Cuccinelli voted against when he voted against raising the minimum wage in 2007.

The second bill that he voted for that did not surprise me, but was aggravating none the less, was a bill that defined marriage as strictly between one man and one woman. I get it, he’s catholic so he doesn’t believe that gay marriage is morally okay; but his religious beliefs should not be what dictates how he votes, when his decision affects hundreds of thousands of people. This bill did not only say that same sex couples could not marry, but that they could not reap any of the legal benefits that married couples are able to get.

The bill that I found towards the end of my digging that he voted against in 2006 though is what shocked me. I had to walk away from my laptop and take a minute. The bill was SB253; a bill that made it mandatory to report suspicion of child abuse and neglect, and he voted against it. I repeat, he voted AGAINST it.  I can’t even begin to fathom why anyone would vote against that. As if it could not get  any worse, he also refused to sign a letter to Congress that asked them to reenact the Violence Against Women Act. He claims to want to fight against domestic violence, and then turns around and refuses to support VAWA(creates harsher penalties for abusers) and votes against mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect.  To make it worse, this is the same guy who is so staunchly pro-life that he thinks that Plan B is a form of abortion; the same guy who wants to ban abortion because he wants to save innocent lives. I suppose once they are out, he doesn’t care if they are being abused or neglected or if they or their mothers are victims of domestic violence.

So dearest Virginian readers (and those who know Virginians), this election is crucial. I don’t want a man in the office of Governor who is so staunchly anti-woman that he refused to sign a letter urging congress to renew an act that would protect us.

I don’t want a governor in office who doesn’t care about my safety, or the safety of other women and their children. I also don’t want a governor who is content to vote against a living wage and equal rights while he sits comfortably in the governor’s mansion with his wife and seven kids.

So Virginians, I urge you, please do not vote for Ken Cuccinelli on November 5th. Even if you are the most outspoken pro-lifer, Ken Cuccinelli is not right for Virginia. He voted against mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect, and quite frankly that in and of itself is anti-life. Those kids who would have been affected if the bill had not passed, are the same kids that the pro-life movement often times worked so hard to try and save.

I’m not sure what angle Ken Cuccinelli has, or who he plans on working for in the Governor’s office, but it isn’t Virginians; and it sure as hell isn’t Virginian women.


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