Dear Pro-Life Movement

Dear Pro-life movement,

If you really cared about women, you wouldn’t be standing in front of clinics screaming at us. Making us feel like the scum of the Earth, just for making the decision that was best for us and our individual situation.

If you really cared about women, you would shut up and let rape and incest victims make their own decisions. They don’t need any extra guilt or shame coming from you.

If you really cared about women, you wouldn’t tell us that our unwanted pregnancies are the consequence for our actions and then turn around to tell us that it was a gift from God. I would not think that one would want to call a gift from God a consequence- make up your minds.

If you really cared about women, you would advocate for cheap and easily accessible birth control, because guess what? Those abortions you are trying to prevent? They would not happen if we had easier access to means of preventing unwanted pregnancies that may lead to abortion.

If you really cared about women, you would understand the importance of emergency contraception. You would also learn to do your research and understand that EC is not a form of abortion.

If you really cared about women, you would not be shaming teen mothers. Campaigns like these are not acceptable. You say you care about women, yet you have a tendency to wag your fingers and look down upon girls who end up pregnant in their teens. You tell them that they are horrible deviants for getting pregnant and that they need to keep the baby- then proceed to demean them for having children so young.

If you really cared about women, you would understand that outlawing abortions will not prevent them, but lead to unsafe, back-alley abortions that hurt and threaten the lives of women.

If you really cared about women, you would be advocating for a higher minimum wage. Many of the single moms who you wanted for them to keep their baby are the ones working minimum wage jobs to support their children. Why are you nowhere to be seen in defense of higher minimum wage?

If you really cared about women, you would be advocating for better laws against pregnancy discrimination. You would also be advocating for a paid maternity leave mandate.  The United States is one of the only developed countries without paid maternity leave, which means that when women have to take off time after having a child, they often won’t get paid for their time off. This is especially detrimental to teen moms, single moms, and low income moms that you claim to care so much about.

If you really cared about women, you would be advocating for more flex time when it comes to work schedules for parents. Kids get sick. Sometimes the babysitter bails, or maybe the mom can only get childcare at night. Workplaces are usually not very good about giving parents a flexible schedule. If you want these women to carry through with their unplanned pregnancies, they need to be able to have a flexible work schedule so they can actually take care of the child once it is born. 

If you really cared about preventing abortion, you would open your eyes and understand that abstinence education does not work. You would realize that men and women who receive comprehensive sex education are more likely to have safer sex, therefore less likely to get pregnant.

If you really cared about the babies, you wouldn’t be screaming “SAVE THE BABIES”- all while advocating against welfare.

But you don’t actually care about women do you? You don’t even really care about the babies either, at least not after they are born. Pro-life legislators are notorious for advocating against welfare and government assistance.  You know, the same welfare and government assistance that a lot of single moms end up on because they can’t find a job or aren’t able to make enough money. If you cared about “saving the babies”, you wouldn’t be advocating against government assistance. But you don’t really care about saving unborn children do you? 

All you care about is controlling the bodies of women.

You don’t care about the babies once they are born. You may give the moms a few packs of diapers, maybe some bottles, and baby clothes- but then what? Are you going to help pay for childcare? Are you going to help pay for that child’s medical bills when they get sick? Are you going to help pay for their food, clothes, school supplies? You aren’t are you? You are just going to continue to shame women who end up with unplanned pregnancies outside of wedlock. You are going to continue to shame rape and incest victims who made, what they felt, was the best decision for them. You are going to keep on screaming outside of abortion clinics. You are going to continue to say that abstinence works instead of advocating for birth control. You are going to keep advocating against welfare, keeping silent about the wage gap. You are just going to continue to not care about women or their babies. Just the unborn, not the living, breathing woman who has a life- a future, dreams, and goals…

If you really cared, you would take some time and think about your movement.


An Angry Feminist.


4 responses to “Dear Pro-Life Movement

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  2. I have to be honest, and say that I am both for, and against this post. Can you please talk to me in a way that isn’t in anger? I am not angry, and just really want to understand why ending a life is ever an option if a pregnancy is a result of a conscious decision made between two consenting adults? Will you bear with me long enough to come from a place in your heart when you answer?

    Rape, incest, health conditions are all special considerations, I definitely agree. The birth control issue I am not so sure about, as I thought most women could get various pill options, IUDs, etc through Medicaid or other assistance. Is that not the case? Or is your argument that abortions and the expensive day after pill should also be in the same price range?

    I would just like some clarity so that I can understand your pov by getting past the anger to the heart of what you want to get across.

    I see a few times you are mentioning minimum wage as an issue. However, I see men and women with more than one degree who can’t even get a decent job in this economy, as many of us are hurting. How does raising the starting salary help when it is almost the same as the managers’ income because so many are taking pay cuts?
    I think there’s a huge amount of unfairness going on, as the rich get richer on the backs of the ever increasing poor, both men and women. I would like to think that we could work together to bring about positive change for all concerned.

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